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At Lindsay Wolf you can find unique jewelry items,colored stones and diamonds of the highest quality and rarest beauty. Our collection of rare, premium quality colored stones and diamonds would be difficult to match anywhere in the world and these can be used to create stunning original pieces for your clients. We've included a small sampling below — just the tip of a very beautiful iceberg.

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  • 1591L
    18kt Yellow Gold and burnished Platinum Brooch set with a Pink Sapphire, weighing approx. 3.16cts and a Green Tanzanite, weighing approx. 2.46cts. Also contains 0.60ctw of Brown Diamonds and 0.59ctw of Brilliant Diamonds.
  • 0035L
    Natural Quartz of the Citrine variety, weighing approx. 61cts.
  • 0036L
    Natural Quartz of the Citrine variety, weighing approx. 61cts.
  • 1010L
    Trilliant cut Amethyst, weighing approx. 39.0cts.
  • 1108L
    Fancy Brilliant cut Oval Tourmaline, weighing approx. 31.0cts.
  • 1320L
    Set of matching Spessarite Garnets, weighing 1.67cts, 1.27cts and 1.36cts.
  • 1384L
    Set of matching Sapphires, weighing 1.08cts (pink), 1.32cts (blue) and 1.67cts (purple). May be sold individually or separately.
  • 1424L
    Lot of Royal Blue Moonstones. 11 stones in total, weighing approx. 114.19ctw.
  • 1595L
    18kt Yellow Gold Brooch, containing an approx. 7.82ct Rhodolite Garnet and an approx. 5.23ct. Blue Tanzanite. There are 16 x 0.8cts in Single Cut Diamonds and 95 Round Brilliant Diamonds, weighing approx. 3.50ctw.
  • 2528L
    Assortment of loose stones from our rare collection.


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