Lindsay Wolf

Matched Sets

18kt White Gold & Diamond Necklace containing an approx. 33.18ct Tanzanite with 7.20ctw in Diamonds 18kt White Gold & Diamond Ring containing an approx. 14.21ct Tanzanite, with 0.66ctw in Diamonds 18kt White Gold & Diamond Earrings containing 2 Tanzanites, weighing 17.28ctw with 1.44ctw in Diamonds 18kt Yellow & Green Gold Diamond Pendant containing an approx. 4.16ct Green Cabochon Tourmaline, surrounded by 20 Full Cut Brilliant Diamonds, totaling approx. 0.40ctw
18kt Yellow Gold, Cabochon ring, containing an approx. 6.0ct Green Tourmaline centre stone and 0.48cts in Diamonds. From our Boutique Collection 18kt Yellow & White Gold Diamond & Tourmaline Earrings, containing 2 Oval Cabochon, Natural Green Tourmalines, weighing approx. 5.48cts each with a total of 40 Full Cut Brilliant Diamonds weighing approx. 0.80ctw 18kt White Gold & Sapphire Necklace with 77.53ctw in Blue-Black Sapphires and 4.32ctw in Diamonds 18kt White Gold, Blue-Black Sapphire Earrings containing 7.90ctw in Sapphires, and 1.52ctw in Diamonds. Matching Necklace available
10.30ct Chrome Tourmaline, Ruby & Diamond Necklace with matching Ruby & Diamond Ring Platinum, Diamond & Sapphire Cluster Earrings with Matching Cocktail Ring